Street Drumming

Enter street drumming as a search term on YouTube and you will find a whole load of videos. Some have buskers playing drum kit solos on the pavement but the ones that really interest me are the ones with drummers/percussionists performing on found objects in the street. Have a look and you will see what I mean.

As there are so many to choose from I thought I would post my favorite one here.

Looking at these videos has led me and some of my pupils down a path, messing around and figuring out ways to play the kit in that way.

Firstly you have to stop using your feet which is a hard habit to break when you are sitting at the drums as it is so easy to just pop in a kick when it’s needed.Street drummers don’t have that luxury and so a lot of the time they will be playing a linear bass and snare pattern with one hand which is also leading the feel of the pattern. This is a new challenge in itself and can mean re arranging your kit to suit your needs. Usually your leading hand keeps time and feel so you have to work at that one-handed pattern until it feels good and easy to play (whichever hand you use). Allot of these guys stop there and let their other hand count along which sounds pretty good but what really gets me going is when the drummer uses their free hand in an imaginative way. Some times you can see them sticking in off beats or accenting to pronounce the rhythm of what they are expressing and showing off some impressive skills.

Stick that all together and you have some really interesting new ways of moving around the kit and holding beats together. You also have the bass drum free to add yet another layer with. Next time you are at the kit give it a try, and if you are a teacher you can generate a lot of value for your pupils out of these ideas.

Here are some other links:

This was a close contender for the Blog.

Another close contender but just frustratingly short. I think the guy stops filming because of the look he gets.

Chopsticks and toy percussion = Breakbeat session.

Last one. A good example of what I mean by playing a linear beat with one hand and then keeping time with the other.

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