A Short Statement

Ever since I started drumming I have been fascinated by rhythm. Its relative complexity reveals its-self to you in a new light as you learn to first coordinate your movement and then develop your technique in order to finally perform it and use your newest phrases to your own ends. As a drummer you develop your own lexicon which encompasses your style, thoughts, technical ability, physical ability etc. into your own unique form of expression. It is this experience that I try to give to my pupils and I hope they learn better for it.

I believe that drumming and rhythm as a form of technical expression and as a language is something we all understand. It is passed down through the generations and we ether accept it at face value; automatically hearing and accepting rhythmic phrases in music and the world around us, or we choose to explore it and understand it on a deeper level. When the latter happens we are automatically engaging with a deep history of explaining and understanding which engages our logic on a deeply personal level. Each person has a different learning style and the logic involved in understanding rhythmic phrasing can change your understanding of a rhythm so that when you understand how to play something it sounds different to when you hear it without knowing how it’s performed.

These concepts are constantly informing my work as a drummer whether it is with my band, as a producer, in my teaching and writing or as a soloist.

I recently made the above re-mix for the band Pick a Piper. I think that re-mixing is a good example of what I am talking about here. When you take the time to explore the inner workings of a piece of music and pass these things through your own understanding of rhythm, music and sound you find a new ways of expressing your ideas.


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