Age of the drummer.

The younger you start drumming the better.

However between the ages of 2-6 I would recommend that the teaching should come from a trusted figure such as a parent or guardian as visiting a drum studio can be quite a disorienting experience. For this reason I am happy to see parents for an advise session and guide them in how best to home tutor their child.

Young beginners from the age of 6-10

Lessons will involve a creative and fun approach to learning the instrument. At this early age it is a case of noticing and nurturing natural ability. After a few weeks of getting to know the drums the sessions would move towards understanding musical notation and the drums role in a musical context (i.e keeping time to music)

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Ages 10 – 16

This is a great time to get into drumming. In this age range your ability to learn new skills dramatically improves along with your coordination and concentration skills. For this reason drumming is a great tool which will not only create musical benefits but also academic and athletic ones too.

Ages 16-21

These are the golden years for developing an identity and musical appreciation grows exponentially for those in this bracket. If you are already a drummer you can spend those years experimenting with new styles and start to find your niche. For those starting drumming at this age you are lightly to have a firm idea of what music you like and will have developed an instinctive definition of what a drummers role is within musical situations and in different genres of music.

21 and beyond

For those new to drumming who missed the boat learning an instrument the first time around, learning to drum can be tough without good quality guidance and a patent instructor. As you get older, along with your wisdom comes a firming up of synaptic connections. What this means is that learning the coordinated independence associated with drumming works against your already established muscle memory. It also means that among other things learning the drums will give you a feeling of great achievement, open up your ability to take on new skills, improve your concentration and memory and deepen your appreciation of music. I have a variety of tools that have been developed to help people overcome the difficulties associated with learning to drum making the process much easier and more enjoyable than many people assume.

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