Youtube Channel

YouTube is a great resource. When you are looking for inspiration or a new idea or two you can have access to literally millions of potential leads.

When it comes to learning drums though we run across the problem of conflicting information. One of my main issues is when a pupil will say they want to learn Moeller Technique. “Great” I say “there is nothing simpler to learn” However having said this un-learning the habits that people pick up from bad advice online makes teaching something like Moeller Method a tricky business.

For this reason I have decided to put my money were my mouth is and attempt a Youtube Channel of my own. I will be positing short (no more than a min) clips. Keeping it simple and jargon free and clearing up some mis-conceptions along the way. Look out for the Drum Lessons Playlist.

Here is my first video. Now this is quite the opposite of what I am saying above. As a teacher I want to be clear but there is always a side to me as well as many of us (especially proprietors of YT channels) who want to show off. So I am venting my narcissism via a separate playlist called Show Off. Here I will attempt to demonstrate some specific concepts.

Jazz Independence Solo.

I’m hoping that people will come for the spectacle and stay for the wisdom.

So once I have some subscribers I will be getting the ball rolling with the Drum Lessons Play List and also from time to time featuring some concepts and ideas on the Show Off playlist.

Subscribe Here.



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