Free Drum Lessons – Open Stroke rolls

I haven’t posted to this site in a while. To be honest I haven’t been writing much about creative drumming. Not to say I have nothing left I want to say, just that I have been concentrating on other projects. I have also been more interested in how straight ahead techniques are being over complicated by online lessons.

…So I started a YouTube channel with the aim of creating some short / uncomplicated tutorials (and also showing off a bit on the drums)

I am going to use the blog format to put a bit more context behind the videos.

The first series of tutorials is about the normal drum hits and how to practice them in various different contexts. I started off with open strokes.

I wanted to give the pupil the idea straight from the start that relaxed drumming gives you better control in the long term. The emphasis was on grip, looseness and movement. I then added the idea of supplying momentum through balance.

Next up Straight rolls…

i.e using the open strokes to generate an open roll. Continuing the idea that this is about generating momentum and not about making the roll sound good. I am playing with the idea that you don’t have to sound perfect, in fact it is better to be imperfect while concentrating on relaxation. This way you shorten the amount of learning time required through the utilisation of a learning route based on relaxation which is the hardest thing to learn while drumming.

Continuing… How to speed up the open roll.

This time the emphasis is on controlling the height of the bounce while retaining a relaxed posture. Here I turn the exercise into a sort of game. The aim is to continue to be aware of the bounce of the stick while keeping a relaxed momentum. At the same time I start to bring in an element of control in the form of limiting the height of the bounce. This makes the roll faster without the need to force speed through physical effort.

The next two videos are a further step towards obtaining relaxation and everything else that has been achieved in the previous lessons. These now take the form of a rock beat rather than a roll. In doing this I start to introduce the concept of 3 way coordination. I talk about how to feel and not hear that you are in time. This is an introduction to the concept of rhythmic awareness. This concept is usually reserved for advanced session musicians as a way of tightening up their playing, indipendence and count while keeping in time with a click track. It is possible to start to work on this kind of awareness without using complicated rhythmic structures or click tracks.

Like all YouTuber’s I am desperate for Subscribers and likes to validate my efforts.

You know what to do.




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