This modular electronica and drum kit mash up is just one of the ways the modular synth community are starting to express their innovation and creativity.

Looking for something completely different?

We are starting a new event for the modular synth community.

OH#1 small.jpg


Remember those big analogue stacks with wires all over the place? They looked like someone had set up a telephone exchange on stage. Back in the 70’s you could do that sort of thing.

It turns out that Glasgow is a hot bed for this type of home built sound machine and people all over the city have been getting into modular in a big way. Glasgow is also the home of Rub a Dub one of the UK’s most successful electronic music specialists who have supported small manufacturers of modular synthesizers and have supported the community for 25 years.

The Drum-Tronics project, coming to The Old Hairdressers on the 20th April; is designed to bring the community together.

The project was devised by Ben Martin, a drummer known for his involvement with the Dredd Movie soundtrack along and music projects Spacehaul and NAO alongside Jason Lim of Instruo, known as the brains behind some of the finest custom built modules in the UK and USA.

The night will involve an interactive jam between Ben on drums and the audience on various modular setups followed by a set from Jason v Ben i.e. Modular Electronics v Drums interspersed with a light dusting of tracks from Spacehaul.

Different enough for you? See you there. Doors 8pm


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