Drum Lessons – Glasgow

Drum tuition is available from Glasgow Music Studios right round the corner from the 13th Note in Merchant City.

Call Ben: 07981 336 316

email: bgmrhythms@gmail.com, all questions are welcome.

Web: Glasgow: drum-lessons-glasgow.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com/drumlessonsglasgow

All drum lessons and group classes take place at the dedicated drum studio at GMS

About Drum Lessons.

As a teacher it is my aim to find the quickest way for any pupil to become a confident musician. A typical lesson may involve working towards improving a technical aspect that may be holding you back from achieving your current goal, learning about a new style of music, working on rudiments, rolls and drum fills, or working on a new technique to help you play faster and louder.Typically this could lead into learning to play your favourite tune or working on learning a new beat, style or concept, working on reading or even writing your own beats. It really depends on you, your learning style and what you want to achieve.

Lessons with young children between the ages of 5 and 9 are available and are planned according to the pupils interests. These sessions tend to be quite open and exploratory allowing the pupil to discover the instruments sounds and what they can do with them while guiding and suggesting best ways to do things.

Each lesson is planned in advance according to each individuals learning requirements. I don’t enter pupils into exams such as Rock School as In my opinion this activity is reductive and restricts creativity. I can however help pupils who are in need of guidance and help in their music exams i.e Higher, advanced Higher and Standard Grades.

About Me.

I am a professional private drum-kit tutor and session musician with over 18 years experience in specialist styles and techniques. I specialise in providing drum lessons to everyone from young beginners to professional working drummers and have several 1000’s of hours of teaching experience.

Over the years I have developed various unique teaching methods which have enabled my students to learn drums and the skills associated with drumming quickly while at the same time developing their own unique creative style of playing. I believe that everyone has a style of learning that once discovered allows them to pick up new skills fast and fully understand their potential to become a musician in their own right.

Here is a film of me sound checking the drums before a gig in Hamburg.

Click here to see testimonials from past and present students.

All levels and abilities are welcome. Whether you have never played a beat in your life, need some extra coaching, or are of a high standard and want some extra input/ perspective. I can teach you something new. I have experience and training in teaching pupils from age 6 and upwards and in specialist tutoring for people with special educational needs.

To Book a lesson or to ask anything relating to my teaching and experience you can call or email me any time.

Call Ben: 07981 336 316

email: bgmrhythms@gmail.com, all questions are welcome.

Web: drum-lessons-glasgow.com

More info:

All sessions are by the hour or half hour and are tailored to your individual needs.

All Styles: Hard Rock, double pedal, pop, reggae, latin, jazz, progressive and post rock, math rock and break beats, country etc…
But most importantly – Your own individual style.



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